4 Things I Like

Bread with butter and a slice of cheese. This is a common breakfast here in Denmark, and YUM. Danes are really in to fresh bread. There are lots of bakeries and 

Ecco Alona Zip shoes. I don't own these yet, but only because stores close at 6pm on weeknights here.

Project Life. I'm deep in to catching up for the time away... that's 5 months, for those that are counting. I'm doing it fast and simple. Mostly just printing photos and throwing them into the pages with a tiny bit of journaling. Related: A coworker of mine asked me at lunch what that "thing was where you put a photo together with paper and glitter". Um, scrapbooking? I work with 90% men, and the conversation a group of them were having before he asked me was all in Danish. It was pretty amusing for him to suddenly break into English to ask me what this thing was... 

Helsinki. I was there last week for work, and Scott and Cal met me on Friday to spend the weekend. It was super fun, and great to finally be taking advantage of living in Europe!! Tip for traveling with a 1 year old: bring you own crib. We did, and it was a lifesaver. I'm looking into lighter, more travel friendly ones for future trips.



September Currently

READING "The History of Love" by Nicole Krauss. I just finished her book "Man Walks Into a Room" and really enjoyed it. This book is just as good, if not better so far.

WATCHING the Danish TV series Borgen (translated "the castle", which is the nickname for the building -- an old castle -- that holds Danish government today). It's a political drama. We finished both seasons of Forbrydelsen (translated "the killing") and just started this new one last night. It was fun to recognize some of the same Danish actors. We couldn't place one in particular, so we looked him up... he was one of the hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest. I suddenly felt very European.

ANTICIPATING a trip to Helsinki later this month. I'm going for work and Scott and Calvin are meeting me there for the weekend. I went to Helsinki with the MBA program back in 2012 and loved it. It's Scandinavia's rebellious older sister. For this trip I'm speaking at the same university who hosted our MBA group on the trip (Aalto). Small world. I'm hoping to show my men Soumenlinna and the city. Not much planned except to walk around and get a feel for the place. I'm stoked to be finally taking advantage of living so close to so many different cultures.

LISTENING to Ian McFeron. I asked Siri to play me some blues and that's what I got.

EATING pizza de amor. Pre-made pizza dough seems to be pretty popular here. Or maybe it was never something I sought out in the States. Last night we made individual pizzas... Mushroom, green pepper, Scott's special sauce (jarred pizza sauce, pesto and extra garlic mixed together), lots of mozzarella. Yum.

WORKING ON my layouts and posts for Scrapping Two by Two.

LEARNING acceptance. My trip to Seattle was really nice. Rather than kick off a load of homesickness, it made me come to some acceptance about my life here in Copenhagen. We chose to be here, and while I miss my people a lot, I need to double down on my new life. Which means accepting work, the cadence of taking Cal to the vuggestue, feeling temporary in a rental, feeling illiterate every time I look at a newspaper or food label, and overall being displaced and uncomfortable. I don't think it's going to be better any time soon without some acceptance that it's happening, that it's hard and that I have to work to get myself past it.

July Currently

READING the headlines in the New York Times. I don't have time for much more these days.

WATCHING the Danish version of The Killing. We finishes season 1 and are waiting to watch season 2 until the first settles in a bit!

ANTICIPATING a trip to Seattle next month. I'm anxious about it triggering a terrible bout of homesickness. We're doing really well here in Denmark. Our new apartment is great, work is challenging, Cal is a happy man, Scott and I are doing good and having fun. It's been a lot of work to get to this point, and I don't want to derail it by being "home" in the best, sunniest month of the year!

LISTENING to Scott put Calvin down in the other room. It's been a rough day. We think he's come down with a little something, or is teething and drooling so much that it makes him cough. Either way, rough night last night and rough day today and rough going at the moment with putting him down. Overall I have to take heart that we've come leaps and bounds since arriving in Denmark. Really. I think we have, anyway!

EATING spaghetti. We've been cooking at home much more often here in Denmark, in part due to the high prices at restaurants, but also because it just feels good and settling. Tonight we had spaghetti... fresh noodles, spruced up sauce from a jar, bread from the local bakery, and wine that we picked out with our new neighbor friend, who is an aficionado. Delicious, if I do say so myself.

WORKING ON unpacking the last bits, mostly in our office/craft room, which is a humongous mess right now! We have two desks coming on Monday, which will help in this endeavor. 

WANTING nothing.

LEARNING how to make hummus, and I guess I lied in the section above, it's kind of making me want a food processor. I haven't found a decent hummus in the stores here... it's all very grainy and flavor-less.

Like Sister Like Sister

Another digital layout! As I started to put this together, I was remembering elements of layouts I'd seen before... all of them were made by Heather, of course! You could say, like sister, like sister. A huge benefit of going digital is being able to trace back what supplies others use, and snag them for myself!

Here's how my layout turned out. This is about our new, temporary apartment here in CPH. It's basic, and it's home for now!

Play All Day by SparklingAllison | Supplies: Hopscotch by One Little Bird, Pronuncial by Just Jaimee

Play All Day by SparklingAllison | Supplies: Hopscotch by One Little Bird, Pronuncial by Just Jaimee

Desperately Digital

Since all of our stuff, including my scrapbooking stash, is currently crossing the Atlantic, I decided to try my hand at digital scrapbooking. This is my first page!

Play All Day by SparklingAllison | Supplies: Hopscotch by One Little Bird

Play All Day by SparklingAllison | Supplies: Hopscotch by One Little Bird

Let me tell you, it was FUN and seriously easy to put together. The look of it is "digital" to me... which isn't necessarily bad, just different. The shadows don't feel quite right, and without the page being something I can touch, it doesn't feel as personal or complete. Almost like it was too easy

I noticed right away that the infinite options you have with digital layouts is daunting. I spent maybe 20 minutes tinkering with the size of each element on the page, which in the end didn't make that much of a difference!

All of the papers and elements are from One Little Bird's Hopscotch kit. I loved my sister's layout in our recent Scrapping Two by Two challenge, so naturally went and bought the same kit she used! 

I used Photoshop Elements to put the page together. I downloaded the free trial of it and was impressed at how suited it is for digital scrapbooking. I have the full verison of Photoshop on my desktop computer, which is also currently on the boat, but have been using it less and less in lieu of Lightroom. Given this experience with PSE, I may drop it altogether!

Will I become a digital scrapbooker? I don't know... the convenience of it is really nice, but I do also really like paper! I won't have access to paper supplies in the same way over here in Copenhagen though, so having digital as an option is fun for the time being!


We finally made it to Copenhagen and have been spending the week adjusting to the time zone change. All in all, CSB has been great with it. We've gone from a 4am bedtime to a midnight bedtime over the last four nights, so that's progress.

To stave off sleep and keep ourselves occupied, we've been on a tour of Copenhagen parks. There are so many to explore, and the weather has been amazing.

Tomorrow we move in to our temporary apartment, where we'll likely be for a few months. We stopped by the building today and I'm excited about the neighborhood. There's a particularly charming day care very close by... if we remain in the area, I'd love to see CSB there!

It is not all wonderful. I have thought to myself, probably twice, "Why are we doing this?" The thought comes when I'm feeling particularly unsettled and unproductive, so I know it'll pass as life becomes more real and every day.

My favorite moment so far was renting a bike from our hotel and riding it to meet CSB and Scott who were sleeping in a park. The bike riding experience was so easy and made me really want a Copenhagen-style bike. (I'm on the lookout for a used one... they're spendy here!) And then coming upon CSB and Scott sleeping, surrounded by Danes and sunshine just made me super happy.

Grand and Great

We're here in North Carolina on the last leg of our "Adios America" tour, visiting Scott's Dad and Ellen. While the last few weeks have been really great, I'm feeling ready to be settled again! From here, we land in CPH and are in a hotel for about 5 days before moving into our temporary housing where we'll be for a couple of months. "Settled" is relative, I suppose! Being able to unpack for more than a week will be nice.

Seeing CSB with his grandparents and great grandparents on our tour has been just special. He's really taken to all of them really easily. Before we left we were seeing some signs of stranger anxiety... we haven't noticed any of it during the trip. CSB is just happy and seems to understand that these people are special. They're family!

April Currently

Brought to you from our RV in Moab, Utah.

READING AAA travel books on Southern Utah. My mom is a member and we picked them up for our trip. Surprisingly good. They cover everything with just a little detail, which is just enough for me.

WATCHING the light and shadows across the red rock landscape throughout the day. They are constantly changing and so gorgeous.

ANTICIPATING our arrival in CPH in a few weeks... although, it's a very fleeting thought.

LISTENING to This American Life. A favorite for long drives.

EATING basics. Whatever we can make in our little kitchenette, which for two nights has been spaghetti and meatballs. Sandwiches for lunch. Eggs and pancakes for breakfast. Let me tell you that it's glorious to have a fridge stocked with cold beverages when we get back from hiking or are deep into a long drive.

WORKING ON finding our next RV site for Thursday and Friday nights! We spent the last few at the Moab Valley RV Resort, which I got because it has a pool but didn't end up swimming!

WANTING nothing.

LEARNING about salt, silt and erosion.

CSB and the RV.

We picked up our RV yesterday and drove straight to the most beautiful place on earth... Southern Utah. CSB is a total fan. He loves the bed and windows in the back, which let him bounce around and look outside at a scene that changes every time we stop. I'm serious, he loves it. Every time. (He also loves his sponge.)

We spent today in Arches National Park. If you have never been, I implore you to go. GO! It is so unbelievably gorgeous. We lucked out with moderate, but warm weather. And we couldn't have picked a better form of transportation for visiting with a 9-month-old. Whenever CSB needed to nap today, we slipped him into the car seat and hopped from viewpoint to viewpoint, taking turns getting out of the rig when we stopped. Whenever CSB was awake, we got out to hike around together. We had meals and snacks with us at all times. It was a lovely day.

Not quite on vacation.

We're in Utah right now... not quite on vacation, not quite at home. Although Edward Sharpe's lyrics "Home is whenever I'm with you" have come to mind many times!

It's been really nice to have furniture and home-cooked meals. The weather has been amazing. And it is especially nice to have CSB get some more time with his grandparents! We've been here a lot this year and I'm sad that we won't be able to come as often going forward.

CSB always seems to be learning something new when he's here... this week it is, I kid you not, walking. Assisted walking, but walking nonetheless. This guy is a mover and a shaker and cannot be stopped!