The Big Climb 2012


Scott wanted to do the Big Climb this year -- a fundraiser for Lukemia where participants climb 1300 stairs (or 69 floors) up the Columbia Tower, Seattle's tallest building. Being the ever supportive wife, I joined him... But Scott did all the work in fundraising and signing us up. Together we raised $1500! We matched everything that was donated to us out of our own pocket. To practice for the event we climbed the stairs off of Broadway together (it's approximately 4x up/down), and I separately climbed the stairs at PopCap (approximately 5x up/down). Our time for the climb, which we did together so this time was really dictated by my huffing and puffing, was 20 minutes.

This was my first ever organized race. (We were on the "climb" side... there were others on the "race" side who ran up the stairs... Maybe next year.) I was amazed at how organized it all was... The bottom floors of the Columbia Tower were packed with people, but everything seemed to go very smoothly for everyone. We got there about 30 minutes early, signed in, got our t-shirts and goodie bags, checked our coats and bags, and waited just a few minutes before we were called to the starting line.

The race ended of course at the very top viewing deck, which was pretty crowded, but we got a change to look out at the sound and city. There were so many hot bodies up there that the windows were sweating... kinda gross, so we didn't stay very long. The stairwell was decorated with photos of people who have had Lukemia, which was more inspiring than I'd initially thought it would be once I was at floor 50. There were water stations every so often, and paramedics along the route to make sure everyone was okay.

Here's a shot of us just starting the climb! (The photo of us ending the climb didn't show up in the official photo site, which is probably for the better.)