2013 Project Life Prep

SparklingAllison: Project Life Prep

My mom set me up for Project Life with an awesome Christmas present this year -- she gave me a kit (the neutral baby edition, which is yellow and gray and beautiful), a binder and page projectors. Everything I needed to get started. I'd heard of Project Life before, but didn't quite understand what the hype was all about... until Christmas day when I opened it up and started to feel the bug. A week later, I've started my album -- beginning with the day we found out that we were pregnant -- and I am hooked. It is such a great system -- meant for easy, quick scrapbooking, but also flexible enough to be taken to whatever level of scrapbooking you'd like.


Preparing for Project Life 2013
  1. Set up Lightroom printing templates so that I can easily print to 4x6 or 3x4 sizes. I print my photos as home and love, love, love the flexibility of it. (Here's a great tutorial for choosing photos and setting up printing templates. She is setting up this page intending to print it in its entirety, so she squeezes the boxes in to fit. I used the full 4x6 or 2.875x4 size boxes, in whatever arrangements they would fit. And then I print and cut to insert in my page protectors.)
  2. I also set up my 2013 Smart Collections in Lightroom so that my photos are automatically organized per the Photo Freedom methodology. (I took Stacy Julian's Finding Photo Freedom class last year, and have not looked back since. I've adapted it to work digitally for me with Lightroom, and may further adapt it to flow with Project Life.)
  3. Purchased additional page protectors. This was not necessary, but I was inspired by some of the protectors that Elise -- Queen of Project Lifers -- uses. I also set up Lightroom templates to work with these page protector sizes as well.
  4. Prepped some of my own card inserts. I've always liked the Project Life cards available for the Silhouette, and already had some cut files of them. So, I've used some of my scraps and cut a handful of card inserts using my Silhouette. I also simply cut some cards out by hand... it's easy to take a 12x12 paper and divide it up into the insert sizes. I took my corner rounder to most of them once they were cut up. (Apparently some people love rounded corners and others loathe them. I really could go either way, and don't have a preference if my cards are a mix of rounded and non...)
  5. Purchased two more white binders. Also not required, but (a) I read (again from Elise) that this will probably require more than one binder. And (b) the white kind that I got from my mom are going out of stock permanently -- so I snatched up two of them on Amazon so that the year can be in a unified color. I plan on doing a weekly spread and some additional spreads for things like "Day in the Life", "Favorite Things", "All about X" type things, so I expect to fill the binders up.
  6. Signed up for the Day by Day class at Studio Calico. There were just too many great contributors and freebies not to sign up... I'm excited for it to start on January 1st!
  7. I printed out this list of things to document for Project Life and plan on checking as many of them off as possible. I am also going to use the Listography books that I own for inspiration.
SparklingAllison: Project Life Prep
Some Other Things
  • I thought this system for getting ready for Project Life was inspiring. She uses the Day One app on her phone, which is sadly not available on Android!!
  • I've been writing on all of my cards by hand so far, using a mix of my favorite Pilot G2 gel pen and a Sharpie fine point marker. I'd like to try experimenting with printing on the journal cards in the future.
  • I'm debating between purchasing the Sea Foam project life kit to mix in (so that it's not 100% baby) and signing up for the Studio Calico monthly Project Life kit. I currently sticking to using a mix of my own scraps and digital print and cut files that I already owned, which is working out just fine!
  • Speaking of, I learned how to print and cut using my Silhouette this week! It's ah-maze-ing. I plan on making myself a handful of labels to use.