Sparkling Allison

American expat in Denmark, mom, lover of sparkles and staplers, avid book club member.


25 Random Things to Know About Me:

  1. I can sleep almost anywhere at any time as long as I'm relatively horizontal.
  2. I love Smarties (the American kind), but only buy them in October when they are "fresh" for Halloween.
  3. My high school sports teams took 1st (softball) and 3rd (volleyball) in State when I was a senior, but really no thanks to my talent.
  4. I love lists.
  5. I own four staplers and three label makers.
  6. My favorite video game of all time is Animal Crossing. It was my gateway game into considering myself a true gamer. I also have an affinity for Bejeweled and Hayday and Monsu.
  7. I'm crafty and I scrapbook, mostly using the Project Life system.
  8. My husband and I keep track of how many countries we have visited together (now 19) with hash marks on our wedding rings. (Note: I've been to 26 countries total, having visited Spain, Morocco, Lesotho, United Arab Emirates, Oman, England and Belgrade on my own.)
  9. I have a tattoo that reads "Vaya con amor." on my right, inner forearm. Translated = Go with love.
  10. I swear by Android phones, but also own an iPad for gaming purposes. I have a PC at home, I have a Mac at work. Techbidextrous.
  11. My favorite holiday is the Winter Solstice. Yay to short Pacific Northwest days getting longer!
  12. I read the New York Times almost every day.
  13. I have a standing desk both at home and work.
  14. I am the middle child of 5, and had the perfect combination of an older brother and sister as well as a younger brother and sister.
  15. I don't like being wet, and therefore don't like swimming or showering.
  16. I don't like to eat cooked fruit.
  17. My favorite foods are pizza and tacos.
  18. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to visit a neighboring town for brunch.
  19. My standard uniform: cardigan over cami, jeans and ballet flats or boots, depending on the season.
  20. I often don't understand pop culture references from the 80's. My excuse is that I grew up in Utah, but it's most likely because I don't have a very good memory.
  21. Related to #20, I sometimes forget that I've watched a particular movie until, when unknowingly rewatching it, the very end.
  22. I get Star Wars and Star Trek mixed up, much to the chagrin of my husband.
  23. I have a deep respect for Warren Buffet.
  24. I regularly steal my husband's socks.
  25. I'm currently living in Copenhagen, and revel in being the weird American.