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Holiday Baking Cheer

Sparkling Allison

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America and this is my first time celebrating it outside of the country. I'm sad about that. We are going to dinner at another expat's house, but without the day off, and without my family and American friends around me, it's not the same.

To cheer myself up, or maybe to distract myself, I decided to focus on finding the necessary ingredients for my holiday baking. Calvin and I were both home sick earlier this week, but the weather was glorious and sunny. So I bundled both of us up and walked to the Super Best grocery store, which has the best selection of American foods. Calvin napped on the way, but woke when we got to the store and was not happy to be there. In a huge rush, I found all three of these very important items, bought them and left. Looking back on the experience, it was as if the ingredients found me!

The sweetened condensed milk, in particular... so excited to have found this! I don't know if I could go back tomorrow and find it again. Oddly, I think it was near the bread.

Do you know what holiday food each of these ingredients is for? If so, you're American, and I miss you.