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My 10 Commandments of Unemployment

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According to research reported by Gretchen Ruben of the Happiness Project, habits form best in transition periods in your life. I've recently become unemployed, and want to take the opportunity to kick off some habits in addition to keeping myself busy and productive. So I've written 10 commandments for this period in my life, as follows:

  1. Thou shalt get 13,000 steps per day on your FitBit
  2. Thou shalt get a library card
  3. Thou shalt make social arrangements at least 2x per week
  4. Thou shalt spend Monday mornings, and only Monday mornings, cleaning the house
  5. Thou shalt start a photo-a-day project called #funemployment
  6. Thou shalt wash your face and brush your teeth every morning and night
  7. Thou shalt read a book a week
  8. Thou shalt share an interesting article on Twitter and LinkedIn 1x per day
  9. Thou shalt actively show gratitude for the support of your family and friends
  10. Thou shalt go to a museum on free admission day