Sparkling Allison

American expat in Denmark, mom, lover of sparkles and staplers, avid book club member.

[Currently] October

Sparkling Allison

Anticipating: The holidays and visitors. Three holidays and three sets of visitors over the next three months is making me very happy. Tivoli just reopened with their Halloween decor, which totally transforms the place. We'll be going next weekend. We're hosting American Thanksgiving, and I'm already planning the decor, menu and signature cocktail. And... Christmas is just magical here. I'm excited about it all. We also have guests for Thanksgiving (Adrienne and Ajay) and Christmas (Heather), and Scott's dad and partner are coming in early October. 

Listening: The new NPR podcast Hidden Brain is pretty good. I'm amazed at what podcasting has become, with networks and dedicated shows. I heard about Hidden Brain on two other podcasts that I listen to, and immediately know it'd be for me. They have some kinks to work out in terms of the production, but overall the content is really good/interesting.

Reading: Just finished "The Story of God: A Biblical Comedy about Love (and Hate)" by Chris Matheson. Scott gave me this book for my birthday, and I have to say that it isn't something that I would have picked up myself, but I love it. Doesn't that make for the perfect gift? It's completely hilarious, and a nice respite from the melancholy and dark books that I've been reading lately.

Eating: I made two quiches and pesto ranch roasted potatoes for a dinner party last week. The potatoes were so savory, so wonderful, so delicious that I lost track of our conversation with every bite. Distractingly delicious.