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Thematic meal planning

Sparkling Allison

Sunday: Casserole

Things like baked ziti, mac and cheese, lasagna, frittata, quiche. This is on Sunday because Sundays typically allow for enough time for cooking this type of a meal.

Monday: Left overs

Who wants to cook on Mondays? And there are likely pizza or casserole left overs from the days before.

Tuesday: Meat substitute

Dishes with tofu and other meat substitutes, like fake burgers, chikn, etc.

Wednesday: Pasta

Boil pasta, throw some sauce on it, call it good. This is right at the peak of the week, when we're busiest and most tired.

Thursday: Ethnic

For us this will typically mean tacos or quesadillas, but could also be curry or stir fry dishes. These are also quick dishes to pull together for the middle of the week.

Friday: Pizza / Noche Juntos

We rock the homemade pizza. I put pizza on Friday deliberately because every other week, Scott and I go out on a date together (we call it Noche Juntos). So we'll only actually be having pizza every other week, and that's a good thing because we eat a lot of pizza. It's also a celebratory kind of meal, which is perfect for Fridays. 

Saturday: Order out / Try something new

Sometimes weekends are really busy, and we're going to want to order out. Other times, they offer a luxurious amount of time to cook something new and different.