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American expat in Denmark, mom, lover of sparkles and staplers, avid book club member.

[Currently] November

Sparkling Allison

Watching: 90210. Yes, I'm re-watching it from the start, and as I'm doing it I'm having a ton of flashbacks to middle school. Episode 2 of the first season is when I discovered my true love, for example... aaaah, DYLAN.

Anticipating: Our trip to Singapore is fast approaching. We're going for the first two weeks of December, and while I'm sad to be missing some of the holiday festivities in Copenhagen, I'm also really excited for the nicer weather.

Listening/Reading: I fell off the reading wagon after trying to get through a book club pick that wasn't clicking with me. Instead I've been keeping up on my RSS feeds and the NY Times, both of which are less fulfilling but... yeah.

Eating/Drinking: Tonight I made a batch of apple cider bourbon drinks (1 part bourbon, 2 parts cider, 2 parts ginger ale over ice) that I wanted to test run for our Thanksgiving festivities. Definitely a winner, and planning on it as our signature cocktail.

Working On: Thanksgiving decorations. I made 40 leaves using my Silhouette, and plan to make a garland out of them for our dining room. I also really like just scattering them all over the place and adoring their colors. So gorgeous.

Loving: Sick Calvin. I got a call from the vuggestue yesterday to come and pick him up because he had a fever. This was totally expected after transferring to the new vuggestue with new germs. Calvin was 100% pathetic (we use the word pathetic very lovingly in our family, and we pronounce is "pah-te-tic") and it was really nice to be able to care for him with all of my attention.

Playing: Lego Duplo with Calvin. We discovered that we could make "aaaaair-paaaaanes" with them, and that is pretty much all we've done for the last 48 hours straight in this household.