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Portal Nesting Baskets

Sparkling Allison

A friend of ours had a Portal birthday party, and in a moment of inspiration I thought to make her some nesting baskets using colors coordinating with the theme.

Oh, and oh yeah, I bought a used sewing machine back in August. It'd been sitting on a shelf gathering dust until I forced myself to attend a meetup that I found on Facebook. There's a group of ladies that get together to sew every month or so, and for this meetup our project was these baskets. I actually didn't make anything at the event... performance anxiety, and so I let someone else use my machine who didn't have one. I learned a lot just by watching, and now I can't stop myself.

There's so much attention to detail needed when sewing... you really cannot zone out, or you will sew the lining in the wrong way. Yes, I did that 2x on this project. And an ironing machine is definitely required as well.

I'm not sure how far I'll pursue the craft, but it is really satisfying to be able to whip up something like this.