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Reviewing my 10 Commandments of Unemployment

Sparkling Allison

In the new year, I'll be starting a new job! It's exciting and I'm happy about it. In all, being unemployed was not terrible and thankfully it did not last very long. Before moving on to just regular old #employment, I thought I should review my 10 Commandments of Unemployment to see how I did.

1. Thou shalt get 13,000 steps per day on your FitBit. Yeah, no. I did not do this, but the idea of it did get me out walking on a number of occasions. So... win?

2. Thou shalt get a library card. It turns out that I already had a library card, as it's tied to the Danish CPR system. I love that. Check and check. The real intention of this goal was to actually go to a library though, and I did not do that. 

3. Thou shalt make social arrangements at least 2x per week. I pretty much did this, between coffee dates, guests staying with us, hosting dinners/Thanksgiving, going to parties, etc. It was nice, and overall a really social time for me. 

4. Thou shalt spend Monday mornings, and only Monday mornings, cleaning the house. I definitely didn't clean more often than 1x per week, which was the intention of this commandment. I was concerned that I would feel obligated to be cleaning all of the time, and (surprise!) I did not end up feeling obligated to clean all the time. I'm looking forward to hiring a cleaning person again. For real.

5. Thou shalt start a photo-a-day project called #funemployment. I pretty much did this... and it was fun getting back into Instagram.

6. Thou shalt wash your face and brush your teeth every morning and night. Did it, and started a new face regimen that includes exfoliating. Details you might not care about.

7. Thou shalt read a book a week. Definitely did this, and it's been great. I reached my reading goal of 27 books for the year (which is one every 2 weeks), and am thinking that next year I'll bump it up to 36 (or 3 a month). I got a Kindle for Christmas, so now I have a dedicated reading device, which I think will be really nice. I'm also considering getting an Audible subscription, as my new bike commute is going to be 20 minutes each way, giving me lots of time to listen/read.

8. Thou shalt share an interesting article on Twitter and LinkedIn 1x per day. I did this in the beginning of #funemployment, because I wanted to make sure I was popping up in people's feeds and top of mind. As I started to narrow in on a few opportunities that I was interested in, I didn't feel like I needed to do this as religiously. Nonetheless, a good habit to try to maintain even as I'm employed going forward. Maybe knocking it down to 1x per week.

9. Thou shalt actively show gratitude for the support of your family and friends. I hope I did this! In particular I hope I showed gratitude to Scott, who was an awesome sounding board as I weighed options and went through negotiations.

10. Thou shalt go to a museum on free admission day. Didn't do it! I did go to a few museums, I just did it on days where I had to pay admission. Had my #funemployment been longer, and pressure on finances been greater, this may have kicked in in the long term.

My sister (who is visiting for Christmas) is entering #funemployment at the moment, and is writing her own list of 10 Commandments for Unemployment. We've been talking a lot about what she might include. It's an interesting thought process, as you're setting goals for an indefinite period of time. Although I'm not the biggest goal setter, I really enjoyed having them and felt like they put a little structure to my time.