Sparkling Allison

American expat in Denmark, mom, lover of sparkles and staplers, avid book club member.

[Currently] February

Sparkling Allison

Watching: Mighty Machines playlist on YouTube.

Anticipating: A week in San Francisco for GDC. I was in South Africa for #smithsiswk last week, I'm here in Denmark this week and then I'm off again. Kind of brutal, so I'm mostly anticipating being done. I always appreciate the time in the U.S. though. I'm prepared with my shopping list.

Listening: Fresh Air, with Terry Gross. I wax and wane on this particular podcast, but am currently really liking it. And actually, I'm listening to a LOT of podcasts now because of my new headphones. I LOVE THEM. I'm also attributing my uptick in listening to the new podcast app that I'm using called Pocket Casts. It had a great interface and controls, so I can easily manage the 20 or so that I listen to without becoming overwhelmed. (Note: I don't listen to every episode that comes out for every podcast.)

Reading: "The Almost Nearly Perfect People", a book about Scandinavia. The author (originally from the UK) has spent most of his time in Denmark because he's married to a Dane. So his commentary really centers around Denmark, even when he's covering the other countries. It is GREAT. Scathing, loving, admiring... and pretty hilarious at times.

Eating: After a week of wine and cheese in South Africa last week, I'm scaling it back to toddler food this week. Breakfast = Cheerios. Dinner = blueberries and a slice of cheese.

Working On: My phone usage. Another podcast I follow (New Tech City) had a week of challenges examining how our cell phones don't allow us to be bored anymore. While some of the challenges didn't resonate with me, I really liked the idea of detaching a bit from the constant connection. During the time leading up to the challenge I used an app to track my usage, and was appalled on some days, and delighted on others. The days where I was appalled were work related -- one day I was working from home, sick. The other I was at a conference for work. So, both reasonable  (in particular the one where the challenge was to NOT take any photos that day. Just did not agree with the premise there.)

Loving: Project Life. Just really love it. I've been printing and cutting cards from digital files lately, because I feel low on supply. It's been fun. I have plans to stock up on supplies next week in the US, including some more page protectors and basic blank cards.

Playing: With Calvin as much as possible this week. His teacher at vuggestue told me today that she could tell that I was gone last week because Calvin walked around saying "mama, mama". Seriously, she told me this! I'm sure she was meaning to be nice and intended to emphasize that he missed me. I wish she hadn't though. The thought is heart breaking!