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[Currently] March

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Three themes this month: Cal, data security and surveillance, Danish, work.

Watching: Person of Interest. Scott introduced me to the show, and I have to say that after the 1st episode I was NOT sold. Too geeky and far fetched... but it's grown on me. I've been loading up my iPad with them for my long haul flights. For those of you who don't know, the premise of the show is about a government surveillance system that can also predict crimes.

Anticipating: Warmer weather! It's coming. We had a few days of it last week, and next week is supposed to be sunny. 

Listening: To my Danish lessons. I'm trying to double down on learning Danish, so I've been popping in my ear buds with repeating Danish over and over for the last week or so. The lesson this week is on the morning routing, so:

Klokken halv syv ringer altid vækkeuret om morgenen. Jeg vågner og står op. Min mand vœkker min søn og jeg tager brusebad, børster tœnder og tager tøj på. Mens Scott tager brusebad, jeg tager tøj på min søn. Vi spiser sammen morgenmad, normalt Cheerios. Scott tager af sted hjemmefra klokken halv otte. Calvin og jeg spiller i 30 minutter hjemme. Vi tager på vuggestuen klokken otte.

Først jeg drikker kaffe på arbejde. Jeg skriver email og taler med min kollegaer. Klokken tolv spiser altid vi frokost. Jeg tager hjem klokken fems.

Efter arbejde jeg køber ind mens min mand henter vores søn. Sammen vi laver mad og spiser aftensmad. Jeg vasker op og min mand og min søn spiller sammen. Klokken nitten Calvin går i seng. Så vi slapper af. Jeg lœser tit en bog og Scott spiller tit videogames. Klokken elleve vi går i seng og sover.

Reading: "Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World". Okay, the title is a bit sensational. I'd heard a lot about Bruce Schneier  both through Scott and the ACLU. Two institutions I respect. :) The book is timely for me at work, and by the way do you see a theme here with what I'm also watching?

Eating: We made tacos this weekend and Calvin said "TACO" out loud, honest to goodness. He said it! Momentous.

Working On: Work. Work. Worked my butt off last week... I worked so hard that I hit the weekend and have not looked back for a full 48 hours.

Loving: Our new weekend activity: SWIMMING! Well, I shouldn't really say "we" because it's more of a Cal and Scott thing. I feel like an interloper when I go. It's really adorable though. Cal really likes the water. Each time has been a little different. The first time was just a big adventure. The second time was all about kicking around in the deeper water. And today it was all about the water toys. Good stuff.

Playing: My Horse. Again, work related. :) It's kind of fun though. Except for cleaning out the stalls.