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[Five Sentences] Grandparent Week

Five SentencesSparkling Allison

1. We capped off grandparent's week with a trip to Tivoli today, with highlights being going on new rides with Calvin (who especially loved riding "Veteran Bilerne" or "The Old Cars") and the parents going on rides while he napped.

2. Mom and I walked to the ATM tonight at 9:30pm... it was still light out and the street lights were not on yet.

3. I've been so immersed in THIS week that I'm just now remembering that LAST week was insane -- solo parenting as well as attending and speaking at a conference across the water in Malmo.

4. I'm sad that my parents are leaving tomorrow and wish we lived closer together. 

5. I love seeing them with Calvin -- time with grandparents is just special.