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Sparkling Allison

It's Fall here in Copenhagen, and in step with the change of seasons, my routines and daily life seem to be shifting into nesting mode. We had a terrible summer here in Copenhagen. Rain, cold. Maybe a week of good weather. So I'm readying myself for a terrible winter to follow suite. And... I'm actually looking forward to it. The Danes really know how to do Winter, with candles, warm drinks, nontheist Christmas and hygge all the way. And I'm 100% ready to get into that.

We just moved to a new, lovely, lovely house. We're still in the city, but tucked away in a little neighborhood called Humleby (literally "hops city", as it's located next to the Carlsberg brewery). The story is that we'd found another apartment, made a verbal agreement with the owner, and the next day she came back and said that the deal was off. This is apparently illegal to do in Denmark, so the realtor who was representing that apartment felt very bad about it. In a stroke of perfect timing, just that day she'd heard about this little house going on the rental market and she gave us the first look. Scott went over immediately, taking Calvin with him to secure the "we're a cute family" deal. And the rest is history. Our lease here is locked in for 3 years, so we'll be here that long. And no longer. 

While I'm enjoying my time in Copenhagen, it was important for me this summer to establish that I am not going to be here forever. Having this rental come up with a definitive time limit felt like a good moment to set the 3 year countdown for when we'll leave Copenhagen. It took us 8 years to decide to move Scandinavia, find jobs and then physically move here. I have no idea where we'll be in 3 years, but we'll figure it out. Likely not back to the states, for those of you pining, as I don't think I'll be finished living the expat life. Just finished with Denmark.

There are still many things that I want to do while we are here, and actually setting that time limit has pushed me to get moving on those things. Learning Danish is one of them. I realize that this skill is not going to transfer, but I really enjoy learning languages and I feel like doing so opens up a side of the culture that would otherwise not be available to me. Calvin is also very quickly lapping me and Scott in his Danish skills, so there's that to keep me motivated.

I also really want to get my driver's license so we can see some of the more obscure places in the vicinity. MΓΈns Klint comes to mind as a place that's difficult to get to by train, but sounds just gorgeous. I also want to spend more time in Skagen, and the coasts throughout the country. We got a glimpse of them on holiday this summer, and... wow.

On the home front, I'm doing all things yarn right now. Also a really Fall thing to do, huh? I know they're trendy, but I love the woven wall hangings that are all over Pinterest and Etsy. I think they're a great way to tie the colors of a room together. I picked up a little loom in the kids section at our craft store, and when a woman walked over and asked me how old my child was (in Danish), I told her that he was two (in English). My response, in English and with the loom clearly not for a 2-year-old, completely confused her and she walked away without giving me a chance to explain that the loom was for myself.

Much love.