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IKEA start to finish

Sparkling Allison

Scott was out of town the last two Fridays when we'd normally have our Noche Juntos. Instead of canceling the regular babysitter, I took the opportunity to go to IKEA. Twice. I know I'm crazy.

The first visit was a surveying mission of sorts. I had a vague list of things we needed for the house, and some time to wander in and out. I came home with some photo frames, a couple of pillow cases, candles (of course), and a picture in my head of some items that caught my interest.

I spent almost every waking moment the following week thinking about what I'd seen, looking at items on their website, scouring Pinterest. I arranged and rearranged furniture, to make sure that it was just so, and that anything new would compliment and not clash. I measured. And I made a plan.

The following Friday, I executed. I found everything I wanted, loaded it up into two carts, and bought everything. I managed to get it into a taxi truck, and back home and unloaded before the babysitter had to leave. And then I built as much as I could on my own without Scott. I potted the houseplants. I arranged and adjusted.

I just feels damn good to make plan and see it through, right?

Our house is definitely turning in to an eclectic home that is much more worthy of love than our previous rental. And that also feels damn good.