Sparkling Allison

American expat in Denmark, mom, lover of sparkles and staplers, avid book club member.

[Currently] December 2016

Sparkling Allison

Watching: Star Wars in honor of Carrie Fisher. It's been a sad year of celebrity deaths. Each one leaves me grappling with the fact that as I grow older, loss is inevitable. Hold tight to what you have now.

Anticipating: Travel to the states the first week of February! My sisters both went home to Utah for Christmas, and I've been insanely jealous. We didn't want to travel over the holidays though. It's a nice, cozy time to be in Copenhagen and holiday travel is insanity. We opted to go in February instead, which is one of the worst months to be in Copenhagen. It's relentlessly dreary and depressing from now until mid-March, I would say. So it'll be great to leave for a portion of that.) I'm already writing a list of American comforts that I don't want to forget to do or buy. E.g. Lynn Wilson Burritos!

Listening/Reading: The Idea Driven Organization by Alan Robinson, as part of my work book club. Also, Jonathan Safran Foer's Here I Am. Foer is one of my favorite authors, and he's coming to Copenhagen in February. Unfortunately it overlaps with my trip to the states, so I'm going to miss him! Still inspired to read his latest book.

Eating/Drinking: Not a whole lot. We were all hit with a stomach virus the week before Christmas, and it really knocked me out. I was out of work for 4 days. I almost passed out on my bike. And it's taken a long time to get my appetite back. I've been craving American comfort food in a major way (ahem, Lynn Wilson Burritos!) -- there really isn't a replacement for what I'm craving here in Copenhagen. No restaurants stick out to me as my favorites, no food sticks out to me, no candy even! February can't come soon enough.

Working On: An LTV model for work. Might not sound like a lot, but it's an important project that I'm excited about! :)

Loving: My new (fake) fur ear muffs! I got them for Christmas from Scott, who found them on my wishlist... They're one of those things that I would never buy for myself, so I was really happy that he chose them for me.

Playing: Fairway Solitaire Blast by Big Fish Games. I really liked their original Fairway Solitaire, and for whatever reason looked it up again the other day to find that they had a sequel. It's super addicting and fun!

Happy: This is the last month of "happy" as a category here, as it's been part of my One Little Word project for 2016.

I am happy to have had a nice holiday. We handled it really well, sickness and all, by just relaxing, doing what we could when we could, taking it all as it came. For example, we bought a little Christmas tree, which ended up just having lights and 8 Hama bead ornaments that I made for it one evening. It was very bare bones, but all we could muster!! The holidays are about other things anyway, and I think we took that to heart in a good way this year.