Sparkling Allison

American expat in Denmark, mom, lover of sparkles and staplers, avid book club member.

[Currently] February 2016

Sparkling Allison

Watching: We're still working our way through Person of Interest. We're on Season 3 and a significant character was just killed off only halfway through the season! OH MY! It's good stuff.

Anticipating: Our US trip in March. It feels very significant. One week with just me and Calvin at home while Scott goes to Montreal. Then Calvin and I fly solo to SLC for a week, while Scott is in San Francisco for GDC. Then the whole fam-damily is meeting up in San Diego for a week (including my siblings and parents). Then a week in Seattle to see old friends and add fuel to any lingering homesickness. 

Listening/Reading: I did indeed move to audiobooks from podcasts for my daily commute this month, starting with The Bees by Laline Paull. I really liked how the story extended across multiple days. I'd arrive at work and have to turn the book off just as something was happening, making my 20 minute commute home something I was excited to get to!

Eating/Drinking: Direct quote from Scott about my recent cooking ventures: "You're on a roll, girlfriend." :) Recent hits have been: vegetable quiche, browned butter risotto with brussel sprouts, and coconut curry soup. Delicious.

Working On: Ironing clothes that have been hanging in my closet, unironed over the Winter. They're all lighter, flowy tops that I would not have worn in the Winter anyway. Seems I may be unconsciously preparing for Spring and better weather by preparing my wardrobe.

Loving: Hama or perl beads! I bought a set of them to make coasters. They are a huge throwback to my teens and tons of fun. Gretchin Ruben recently recommended thinking of things you liked to do when you were 10 to help come up with hobbies to do as an adult. These definitely fit that bill!

Playing: MovieStarPlanet. I made my first movie using its Movie Studio and was very impressed... it also won a challenge we had at work to make a movie based on a fairytale! You can see it here.

(Note: This is a new category to go along with my One Little Word project for the year.) 

Happy: I've committed to flossing my teeth every day this month. I know... adult stuff. This was motivated by Ali Edwwards' One Little Word prompt for the month for building habits, but also harped on in both The Happiness Advantage (a book I read this month, which had been deep in my Audible archives and never listened to) and Gretchin Ruben's podcast Happier. Gretchin calls herself a "happiness bully", and that's how I felt after getting Ali's prompt but initially ignoring it, only to have two other sources drive the point home. So I'm going to do something very achievable, very easy.