Sparkling Allison

American expat in Denmark, mom, lover of sparkles and staplers, avid book club member.

[Currently] May 2016

Sparkling Allison

Watching: This is hilarious. Thanks, Heather.

Anticipating: A play date! The mom of one of Calvin's buddies at bornehave asked if they could take Calvin home for a play date one evening next week. Um... yes! YAY! Cal recently transitioned from vuggestue (1 to 3 years old) to bornehave (3 to 6 years old), and is doing really, really well in it. More than ever he looks forward to going in the morning, his friends are excited to see him when he arrives and then he doesn't want to come home in the evening. It's so great.

Listening/Reading: How Proust Can Change Your Life, as recommended by Gretchen Rubin, my happiness guru. I've been trying to stick to books on the theme of happiness, without getting too self-helpy, and this one fit the bill exactly. I'm also most of the way through How to Have a Good Day, which is focused on happiness at work. The book club that I started at work is reading Enchantment this month, which is ironically about similar themes, but I'm less enchanted with it. 

Eating/Drinking: Scott and I went to our favorite cocktail bar last night called Curfew. It is such a gem! The atmosphere is art deco, 1920's, fancy, speakeasy and the cocktails are classic with creative twists. I had "The Brooklyn" which is a take on a Manhattan, but with raisin bitters and something else that made it more woody tasting. Delicious.

Working On:  A big, huge project at work has me occupied and I'm really, really happy with it. The three months of building the case for it, prepping for it and thinking about it is finally coming to fruition and it is so far, so good.

Loving: My Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe. I threw a fit and took 3/4th of my closet downstairs in an attempt to dress more effortlessly. Here's what remained at the end of it (or at least a representation of it... I don't have all of these exact items). I've been using the Polyvore app on my phone to make up outfits, and am snapping a picture of myself every day. It is seriously fun.

I've learned that there are a lot of opinions on how to build a capsule wardrobes... including hard and fast rules for the number of items. I set out trying to keep my total under 35, and really easily ended up with 30 pieces. I'm not including accessories or shoes, when others include them in this count. My accessories and shoes are very limited anyway, so it didn't make sense for me to exclude some of them to stay at a particular number of items. My goal is to use this set of clothes through September, when I'll revisit for Fall/Winter.

Playing: Bejeweled Stars. Aaaah, PopCap made a Bejeweled version that really beautifully combines popular game mechanics like collections and sagas. It's wonderful. *swoon*

Happy: (Note: This is a new category to go along with my One Little Word project for the year.)

I'd say I'm feeling pretty happy these days... I think about "happy" being my word and intention a lot. It's just a nice thing to have in the back of your head. My reading helps to keep it fresh in my mind, and to also give me some ideas for habits or lifestyle changes to incorporate. I've only partly been keeping up with Ali Edwards' class prompts, but recently made this collage to include in my album. Doing it made me feel like I was 13 years old, which was a happiness boost in and of itself.