Sparkling Allison

American expat in Denmark, mom, lover of sparkles and staplers, avid book club member.

[Currently] August 2016

Sparkling Allison

Watching: Nothing. We finished Person of Interest! We succeeded at not binge watching the show through its 5 total seasons by limiting ourselves to 2 episodes per sitting. Interestingly, the last season of it aired just a month ago, so we kept pace really nicely to end it as it was ending "in real life". I did NOT successfully NOT binge watch House of Cards, and am caught up with all of that series as well. I also did NOT successfully NOT binge watch Orange Is the New Black, and am caught up with that series as well. What now?!

Anticipating: I'm going to Cologne, Germany for a conference for work and am excited, both for the conference and for the opportunity to sleep in a little!

Listening/Reading: I have a lot of books that I'm part way through right now. I'm listening to Hillbilly Elegy on my commutes, a book that Scott bought on our shared Audible account that I thought looked interesting. I'm also reading It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens for our book club at work. My happiness related books right now are How to Have a Good Day and This is Where You Belong: The Art and Science of Loving the Place You Live. So, yeah.

Eating/Drinking: I just want to gloat here that I have our meals planned through October. The plan is a rough sketch, of course, and will likely change a lot as our schedule is always changing. Nonetheless, I have a baseline of meals to work from and it feels good! As a reminder, I'm not much of a chef and I don't love cooking, but there's something fundamental about feeding my family that I really enjoy. The planning is a big part of why I like it (I just like planning), as is the feeling at the beginning of the week, knowing that as things get hectic, at least the food is under control. Now if I could only feel the same about laundry. Hm!

Working On: I'm writing up workouts to take with me to the gym. I wanted to start lifting weights, something I really enjoyed doing in high school when I played competitive sports, so I joined a gym that is on my way home from work. I think it'd be a good addition to my regular biking... which is also my commute and I often take it quite leisurely, so I'm not sure if it should count as a workout or not! 

Loving: Min hombre. He's great.

Playing: Calvin got a couple of new sets of Lego Duplo for his birthday, and it totally renewed his interest in them. So, we're down on the floor playing with Lego most mornings and evenings. Calvin surprised me and Scott by starting to build things according to the constructions he saw on the box of his new Spiderman set. So, we're starting to seed him with pictures of other constructions for him to copy and get inspiration from... it's like his imagination exploded (again), it's so awesome.

Happy: The days are getting cooler, and I'm remembering how much I really love this time of year. Kids are starting back to school. I'm making plans, as reassessing routines. I'm stealing Scott's socks more often. It's happy times.