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[Week in the Life] 2017 Album Walk Through

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I love so many things about this project!

I commented on the WITL Facebook page that the week itself just so happened to be a really good one. It went really smoothly, and I have to attribute some of that to the mindfulness that comes with doing this project. I observed more than I reacted. And it was nice. 

Putting the project together was also super fun! I've been away from scrapbooking for almost a year, and thought WITL might be a good entry back in. It definitely was! The 6x8 size was really approachable. Each of my 7 days of the week is almost identical, and I repeated motifs a lot (e.g. circles cut out of journaling pages, gold star stickers, a few variants of black dot washi tape, and of course, the Ali Edwards WITL supplies themselves). I tried not to deviate too much, and having fewer decisions meant the album came together quickly.

Gold stars and black dot washi tape!

All of my journaling is copy/pasted from Evernote, into a Word document that I formatted for the 6x8 size. I included a box to adhere the square chipboard embellishments, and I think this turned out to be really nice.

Journaling edited and formatted in Word, printed on cardstock, glued back to back and inserted directly into album.

If there was enough room at the end of the journaling, I included a photo or embellishments. If there was too much journaling, and if it made sense, I sometimes added it to photos. I also copy/pasted and Google Translated the notes from Calvin's bornehave/daycare that we get each day onto the front and back of 4x6 cards. This was a last minute add, and I love it very much!

Journaling on photos, and special 4x6 inserts with Cal's bornehave notes.

As I commented in my post on Lightroom organization for WITL, I generally had the same number of photos for each day in page protectors. (I had one of the 4x6 page protectors, one of the 3x4 page protectors and one of the 6x8 page protectors for each day.) If there were photos that I wanted to include beyond this, that didn't fit on the journaling, I printed them separately, glued them back-to-back and hole punched them to include in the album.

I love, love, love the see through 3x4 pockets. I cut out the days of the week using my Silhouette, adhere the circles to them, and popped them in to the pocket. I had a hard time deciding what to do with these empty pockets, so it was the last thing I did. And I love how they turned out.

See through pockets, with days of the week and gold star embellishments.

I also love the black and white photos at the end of each day. Each one includes a favorite quote/sentiment on strips of paper.

Favorite quotes on black and white photos at the end of each day.

I'm left wondering if I dare do December Daily. I'll have an itty bitty baby at that point, so... we'll see how ambitious I'm feeling!