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Maternity Leave Progress Report #1

Sparkling Allison

1. Thou shalt maintain having 1 night a week for myself, preferably out of the house.
I have TWO nights and THREE days to myself this week because Scott took Calvin to Legoland Wednesday through Friday. Scott just decided that it would be fun for them to have a trip together. He organized it, got everything together for it, and is doing it! How crazy great is that? He's an amazing papa.

How am I spending my time? Social arrangements, scrapbooking, baby prepping, watching House of Cards... planning to make cinnamon rolls tomorrow.

2. Thou shalt make social arrangements with other mamas 2x per week.
Did really well with social arrangements this week. Had my book club meeting on Tuesday night, and really enjoyed it. We read and talked about The Handmaid's Tale... a book that I would not have otherwise picked up and read myself, even with the HBO series hype around it right now. I don't think I'll be watching the series after reading the book. Too creepy and close to home. I'm inspired to read more by Margaret Atwood though. She's a very subtle story teller, and really makes the reader work for it. It's no wonder The Handmaid's Tale is a classic.

Second social arrangement over the last week was lunch and a trip to the English language bookstore in Hellerup (Books & Company) with a friend of mine who has a 10 week old! It was really nice to chat with her about how it's going, and to get a few chances to hold the baby! The conversation triggered a lot of memories for how things were with Cal at that stage. I was reminded that I need to pack a hospital bag. And I was inspired to start taking inventory of the supplies we have stored away... We're 2.5 weeks out, people!

3. Thou shalt get out of the house every day, for more than just bornehave drop off / pick up.
I am doing it! Today was especially hard because... well... yesterday I fell down our basement stairs and dislocated my shoulder. Yessss. So, after the lunch/bookstore outing, I decided to get some boxes out from our basement. On a trip down the stairs, I slipped and fell, and... out popped my left shoulder. I also bruised up my ankle and elbow pretty badly on the right side. As if I weren't uncomfortable enough at 37 weeks pregnant! Of course, first concern was BABY. He didn't move for a while, which really freaked me out. I called the emergency midwife number, and they asked me to come in. Baby started moving as I made my way to the hospital, which was a huge relief. Still, the doc's take falls very seriously when you're pregnant, and I was under observation for about 6 hours in total. I got to see the baby in a scan though! So that was great. :) They also x-rayed my shoulder to make sure there wasn't any significant damage to it. (I've had it dislocate before, and this time, immediately after falling, I knew it was out and really instinctively just popped it back in. Owwwwwww. Less damage done though.) 

Anyway. Outing today = a walk to Carlsberg Byen to have a quick lunch and pick up some "I feel sorry for myself" supplies at the grocery store: ice cream, chips, ice (since I used it all up on my ankle and shoulder yesterday), really nice bread, some lovely smelling body wash (because grocery store luxury is a thing).

4. Thou shalt read (or listen to) 1 book per week.
I'm just about done with SuperBetter by Jane McGonigal, a book that I picked up because of my work book club. These 10 Commandments of Maternity Leave are very "SuperBetter"... the book applies gaming mechanics (power ups, quests, bad guys, epic wins, scoring) to improving yourself. I'd say that my commandments are quests, for the most part. I'm trying to think up some epic wins that I'd like to have for myself as well... 

5. Thou shalt complete the Udemy Python for Data Science Course.
Not started. Not planning to for a while. It's been nice to be away from all things work in the mean time!

6. Thou shalt spend every other Wednesday morning, and only those Wednesday mornings, cleaning the house.
I did indeed clean yesterday before lunch/bookstore and unexpected hospital visit. The place still feels like a mess though... needs another level of tidying up right now!

7. Thou shalt make a big dinner 1x per week.
I made a really great pasta salad this weekend, and had some for dinner, but really intended it to be for my lunches. Still counts though! 

8. Thou shalt catch up with work every quarter.
Too soon! Too soon! Although I've exchanged some text messages with a couple of colleagues over the last weeks... that's a nice thing.

9. Thou shalt take some big trips, and some little trips.
Planned trip to Barcelona in September will be our first trip during maternity leave.

10. Thou shalt ditch bornehave with Calvin every so often.